Miscellany Pages Turns 4!

This week I’m celebrating 4 years of blogging here at Miscellany Pages!

To be honest, I started this blog because I thought it would look good on my personal statement when I was applying for university. I had no intention for it to become a significant part of my life. But I fell in love with the writing process and the ever-inspirational book blogging community, so I’m still here and hopefully will be sticking around for much longer!

Thank you so much to all the lovely fellow readers and bloggers who’ve supported Miscellany Pages over these four years – I really appreciate every single like, comment, follow, link or word of encouragement!

18 thoughts on “Miscellany Pages Turns 4!

  1. Happy blogging anniversary, I’ve enjoyed reading your content and talking to you over the last year or so, and hope you are able to keep it going. x

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    1. Thank you so much for the kind words Alyson! 🥰 I appreciate every single comment that you make on my blog posts. I’m definitely intending to stick around in the book blogging world for much longer! 📚❤️ X


  2. Congratulations! It’s quite impressive to make it to 4 years, apparently most bloggers give up within the first year! I always enjoy your content and hope you will continue blogging! 😀

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